The Price of Silence, by Roger Conlon

The Price of Silence

an autobiographical novel set in Edinburgh and Aberdeen
by Roger Conlon

Cover for Roger Conlon's autobiographical novel The Price of Silence

This fictionalised book is based on actual events, beginning with my parents' lives during World War II when they met and married. The title relates to the post-war trauma experienced by a soldier adapting to civilian life and the price there is to pay for unresolved anger and bitterness.

The novel goes on to chart my own experiences as a student and my political struggles. My involvement with the anti-Apartheid movement and with the poll tax demonstrations are dealt with in dramatic form in Chapter 3, as a conversation between two people at The Café Royal in Edinburgh.

There are funny stories about working in a pizza restaurant and dealing with angry customers, and moving letters to family members who died too young.

a tale of love, separation and bereavement
to offer a beacon of light to us all

Roger Conlon, author of The Price of Silence, self-published through

I was born in Edinburgh in 1957 one of a family of five — three brothers and two sisters. I went to a Catholic secondary School and then to Aberdeen University where I studied History. I graduated in 1979 and underwent social work training in 1980, then worked in Aberdeen as a social worker for ten years.

I left social work and joined a life assurance company in 1991. I am married but have no children. I enjoy countryside walking, cycling, swimming, reading, classical music, theatre, cinema and writing.

Support from a capable writing tutor resulted in my writing a number of unpublished short stories. These helped develop my skill and confidence, resulting in this my debut novel.

‘The human race has one really effective weapon,
and that is laughter’
Mark Twain

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